Light Curtains Di-soric

Light Curtains

di-soric light curtains for industrial use and elevators monitor a defined control area with several invisible, infrared light beams. The light curtain systems consist of a transmitter and a receiver strip made of anodized aluminium. They work on the principle of several through light barriers with linked output signals. If a random light beam is interrupted between the transmitter and the receiver strip, the output of the evaluation electronics is activated. Depending on the light curtain type, the evaluation electronics is either integrated into the light curtain strips or operate as external amplifier in a separate casing.


Measuring Light Curtains

Measuring light curtains from di-soric are used wherever information on the presence of passing parts along with additional information on size or position is required. The evaluation electronics is depending on the model integrated in the light curtain or placed in a separate casing. di-soric light curtains are featured by a compact metal casing and a high protection class.

Evaluation Electronics

The evaluation electronics is a basic part of a light curtain without integrated electronics and can be mounted sevaral meters away from the light curtain. To an external evaluation electronics you can connect one or several sets of light curtains and you can set and programme different functions as per request. An evaluation electronics from di-soric is housed in a sturdy plastics casing and shows the different conditions by means of LEDs.

High performance light curtains

di-soric high performance light curtains are used for the safe detection of silicon fragments on wafers and to detect double layers of wafers. The early ejection of faulty wafer material from the production process reduces the reject rate. These light curtains can be adapted to the different wafer sizes and thanks to the compact design also be mounted in narrow spaces. Sturdy metal casings and high protection class are further features of these light curtains.

Display strips

Display strips for pick and place applications: By means of display strips on reclaim boxes any reclaim position allowed as well as any faulty material reclaim can be shown. This allows an easy, quick and safe “picking” for the user. The display strips can be connected to an external evaluation unit by using the extension module –ALM; they are freely controllable. The strips are available with either red or green LEDs.