Machine Vision Lights Di-soric


Spotlights are used as direct light to highlight features of objects to be inspected. di-soric spotlights are available as radial and axial models and can therefore efficiently be integrated into the application specific environment. Additionally, di-soric spotlights are ideal for matt or quite non - reflective objects, where a huge amount of lights is needed on a relatively small area. Different optics, light colors and technical advantages make the usage in variable conditions possible. di-soric spotlights are powered with a standard M12-plug and are distinguished by their robust metal housing and high IP protection rating.


Backlights are mainly used within the quality assurance to verify contours or features of an object within a process safely. The contours of the object will be perfectly outlined and this is the key to a successful edge detection. Addtionally, backlights are used as diffuse direct lights to light up a huge area and opaque or transparent objects. di-soric backlights are powered with a standard M12-plug and are distinguished by their homogeneous lighting field which is integrated into a robust and high quality housing with high IP protection rating.


Barlights are used within countless applications, mainly within the quality assurance in conjunction with Vision and Identification systems. di-soric barlights are available in several lights colors and models and offer a stable and interfering light free analysis. Different models in stainless steel with protection class IP69k for the food & beverage as well as the pharmaceutical industry are completing the barlight portfolio. Optional accessories like polarizers or difusors combined with the di-soric barlights offer a powerful and effective unit. di-soric barlights are powered with a standard M12-plug and are distinguished by their light power, variability and versatile usage.


Ringlights are used as direct light in conjunction with Vision and Identification systems. di-soric ringlights are ideal for shadowless and homogeneous lighting on matt or quite non reflecting surfaces. Clear, diffuse and polarized models are available and are the base for the best possible lighting for all kind of applications. di-soric ringlights are powered with a standard M12-plug and are distinguished by their enormous light power, high IP protection rating and high quality design.

Darkfield Lights

Darkfield lights are used for the highlighting of edges or structures of an object. Using darkfield lighting, only a part of the emitted light is transferred to the camera lens because of reflections, refraction, diffraction of diffusion of the light on the object structures. Using that method, scratches or embossed codes can be reliable detected. di-soric darkfield lights are powered with a standard M12-plug and offer a optimized unit consisting light power, stability and a high protection class.

Stainless Steel Lights

di-soric stainless steel lights are designed for the usage within the food & beverage and  the pharmaceutical industry as well as applications, where lights with specific casing materials are essential. The high IP protection class up to IP 69K are ideal for applications, where the lights will be washed down with specific cleaning substances and pressurized water. di-soric stainless steel lights are available as backlights, spotlights and barlights in different models and light colours. di-soric stainless steel lights are powered with a standard M12-plug and are distinguished by their light intensity and highest quality.

UV Lights

UV-lights are used for surface inspections and the visualisation of features, which can not be detected using the visible light spectrum. Small features, dust or scratches as well as fluorescent features like UV active ink codes will be visible and can be reliable analysed. di-soric UV-lights are powered with a standard M12-plug and are distinguished by their high light power in the spectrum of 365nm, their robust design and high IP protection rating.

Coaxial Lights

Coaxial lightings are coupling in the light from the side by means of a semitransparent mirror into the optical path of the vision system. The test object is transmitting the reflected light through the mirror back to the vision system.  The light generated by a coaxial lighting is ideal for reflecting, metallic or shiny objects, like the detection of Datamatrix codes on metal parts as well as for inspection of circuit boards, silicon wafers and reflecting adhesives.


An extraordinary diffuse lighting scenarios guaranteed by the spherical dome lights of di-soric. Any shadows caused by surface topology or scratches will be suppressed successfully. The camera application can thereby be focus on the relevant contrasts and features with highly elevated process stability. Non of any other lightings, such as spot- or area lightings could ever cause such an sophisticated lighting scenario.

Flash controller

LED-flash controller are a perfect supplement for LED lights. This system consisting of controller and flashable light means a lot of advantages. Specially to highlight is the precise current control for an exact intensity control of the LEDs.  

Moreover these LED lights can be overexposed (flashed) in performance several times, thus the light power is getting increased by a multiple. This enables therefore shorter exposure times for freezing an object movement or the selection of a higher number of aperture for more depth of field although when having a constant exposure.  

Constant currents of the controller guarantee a constant light performance. This can be applied either in flash mode, as well as in a regulated permanent operation. To have more light in the application is moreover reducing interfering influences from the outside, thus any disturbances caused by daylight will be minimized or completely avoided.