Safety engineering Di-soric

Light Curtains/-grids

di-soric safety light curtains/-light grids of series SL offer the optimal solution for all applications in the field of machine safety. Offering the safety classes of Type 2 and Type 4, all common safety applications can be covered. Numerous monitored heights and resolutions are available as a standard. Master-/Slave versions enable the individual arrangement of protective areas. The intelligent versions (SLI…) have an integrated control function (EDM). Versions in a water tight protection housing and heating function enable the use in the food and beverage industry.


di-soric safety relais of series SR are the ideal supplement for safety light curtain/-grids of series SLB. They offer an integrated control function (EDM). Remote muting sensors can be additionally connected to types of Series SR-M with integrated muting function. The interface relais SR-0 perfectly matches the intelligent safety light curtains/-grids of Series SLI. Both positively driven contacts will be directly controlled and monitored by the safety light curtain/-grid.

Safety Controller

The modular safety system MODSI can be used – also in combination – to monitor all common safety systems, like safety light curtains/-light grids, mechanical switches, mats, emergency switches and manual gear shifts. Therefore the number of necessary evaluation units will be reduced as well as the space required. Using extension modules the modular safety system can be individually adapted matching the relevant safety requirement. No time-consuming cabeling between the single modules is necessary thanks to the integrated Bus-system. The PC-connection with the configuration software installed will by be made via USB 2.0 interface.