Accessories Di-soric

Connecting Cables

di-soric connecting cables are the optimal solution to put all common sensors, lights, Vision and ID-products into operation. Different sizes and features enable the application in different fields. di-soric connecting cables are characterised by a sturdy metal union nut, good stripping properties and a high protection class.


Logic Distributors / Multifunctional Adapters

Consistent to the sensor programme di-soric offers logic distributors and multifunctional convertors for nearly all requirements. Logic distributors can be logically linked with each other to get the desired function e. g. AND/OR function. 

Multifunctional convertors can change sensor-specific functions to the function desired e. g. pulse stretching. Logic distributors and multifunctional convertors are suited for all common sensors, have a compact design and can be changed safely and quickly.



di-soric offers a wide range of reflectors and reflex foils for the most different applications. The reflectors are optionally designed for laser-, red- and infrared light sensors. Different sizes with different mounting options and high-temperature resistant versions round-off the programme.


Sensor Testers

di-soric sensor testers will be used for function checks for all pnp and npn sensors and photocells. The output signal of the sensors will be given by a distinct visual and acoustical signal. Useful quick-action sockets and an internal battery power supply enable a quick flexible application. A perfectly coordinated sensor tester set (ST-Set) contains all the accessories needed in one handy case.



di-soric lenses are used in several applications and are distinguished by their robust mechanical design.  All lenses are equipped with lock screws for focus- and iris adjustment and are featured by their compact design. Low distortion, high image contrasts and high light transmission characterize the di-soric lenses. This category also includes a wide range of high-end accessories for lenses like several filter, protection glasses, converters, extension rings, etc. which can be selected for the appropriate use in your application to ensure your project’s success.  

Optical Accessories

Optical accessories from di-soric allow the optimal adaption of di-soric lights to the corresponding lights application request. Consistent to the lights range also with all the accessories, quality and the functional features are in the focus.

Connectors / Adapter Plugs

di-soric adapters and connectors are useful accessories to e. g. connect sensors to already existing and mechanically not matching connecting cables. Herewith you perhaps can avoid high efforts and the sensors can be quickly put into operation. di-soric adapters and connectors are characterised by a high protection class and are available in different designs.

Counting Modules

di-soric counters count the output signals of different sensors and minimise the overproduction of parts-related orders, e. g. connection elements or screws. The mounting is made by a connector quick and simple just on the sensor. The counting results will be shown user-friendly, on an LCD-Display and can be re-set by keystroke or by remote function.


Additionally to all the categorised accessories di-soric offers further usful accessories for different applications for sensors and lights.