Accessories Safety Technology Di-soric

Connecting Cables safety

di-soric connecting cables are the optimal solution to put all safety light curtains and -grids into operation. Different sizes, features and lengths enable the application in different fields. di-soric connecting cables and connetors are characterised by a sturdy metal union nut and a high protection class.

Assembly Systems

The mounting systems of the safety technology are made for an adjustable and safe mounting of the different saftey light curtains and -grids. They enable an induvidual solution and an optimal adaption to your application. Adjustable brackets allow the rotation of the light curtain / -grid around its longitudinal axis, as well as the adjustment of its vertical and horizontal position. Their use is recommended to align those light curtains / -grids which are used in applications having a long range or using deflection mirrors. Unprotected light curtains / grids might resent the vibrations produced by e.g. presses, weaving machines, automatic punching machines etc. and serious technical damage can result. In these cases, the use of vibration-absorbing mounting facilities is highly recommended! Vibration dampers have been designed to reduce such machine generated vibrations in an easy way, avoiding mechanical damage to the light curtain / -grid. Support columns for safety light curtains /-grids are designed to provide secure fastening on the floor, fast installation, and a simple and precise adjustment of the optical alignment of the system.

Deflection mirrors

The deflection mirrors make it possible to create circumferential protections of areas with access points on multiple sides, with a considerable reduction of costs. This solution eliminates the need to use more than one safety light curtain /-grid. This makes their use ideal for the protection of automatic punching machines, robotized areas, shear lines, assembly lines, palletising systems and many more. Deflection mirrors for all protective field heights and in different designs provide fast installation, and a simple and precise adjustment of the optical alignment of the system.


Additionally to all the categorised accessories di-soric offers further useful accessories for the safety technology. A laser alignment device that makes it possible to obtain a fast and reliable optical alignment of the safety light curtains /-grids, even over long distances and with the use of deflection mirrors. Protective screens made of polycarbonate wich preserves the safety light curtain´s / -grid´s front screen from damages due to welding sparks, scratches or due to the presence of acids and thereby also enabling an application in difficult environments. Test rods made of aluminium wich are used after the installation of a safety light curtain /-grid to check that no beams are bypassed due to the presence of reflecting surfaces and if the system is reliably aligned.