Датчики поворота на валу Novotechnik

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Артикул: 1358864
Precision servo size 11 potentiometers with very low torque of ≤ 0.007 Ncm and repeatability to 0.01°.
Артикул: 1358865
Precision servo size 13 potentiometer series with repeatability to 0.007°.
Артикул: 1358861
Precision position sensor series that race team engineers call “ultra-reliable”. They also feature easy mounting and push-on coupling or marked shaft.
Артикул: 1358862
These precision servo mount potentiometers come in a 22 mm package and have resolution of <0.015°.
Артикул: 1358863
Precision servo size 11 potentiometers with extremely low starting torque of 0.003 Ncm.
Артикул: 1358860
Very robust and high-accuracy angle sensors, some models are programmable.
Артикул: 1358858
This series features robust sensors with aluminum housing, repeatability of <0.15% and programmability.
Артикул: 1358859
Robust magnetic encoder series with up to 16-bit resolution, programmability, switches and a CANopen version that’s ABS certified.
Артикул: 1358856
Compact 24 mm body diameter, 12-bit resolution angle sensor.
Артикул: 1358857
High accuracy magnetic angle sensor with elongated holes for easy mounting. Some models are programmable.