Стержневые датчики положения Novotechnik

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Артикул: 1358832
Adds steel shaft protection to an already robust LWX-003.
Артикул: 1358831
All metal housing, LWX Series sensors have corrosion resistance and pressure equalization.
Артикул: 1358830
Designed for extreme operating environments.
Артикул: 1358829
Designed for extreme operating environments.
Артикул: 1358828
Mountable backlash-free pivot heads allow up to ±12.5° of free movement.
Артикул: 1358827
Very compact dimensions and heavy-duty design characterize this sensor series.
Артикул: 1358826
Sensors are designed for direct, absolute measurement of displacement or length.
Артикул: 1358825
Multiple mounting options and high resolution are key TEX Series features.
Артикул: 1358824
A ball coupling enables backlash-free operation of the T/TS Series.
Артикул: 1358823
13 mm wide housing makes the KL Series a good choice for limited space applications.