Аксессуары для устройств RFID Pepperl+Fuchs

Securing, connecting, setting up

RFID accessories ensure reliable system operations

In order to save time when implementing, maintaining and extending an RFID system, you can count on Pepperl+Fuchs accessories for quality. Our connectors undergo a complete function test and are adapted to our systems. High-quality connectors enable the installation and replacement of components quickly and easily.

Modern manufacturing technologies, high-quality materials and rigorous function tests ensure zero tolerance for defects and the highest functional safety.

Use only Pepperl+Fuchs RFID accessories to ensure the reliable operation of your systems.

Accessories that are optimally adapted to the components of your RFID system

RFIDControl software
  • Connecting components such as signal and bus lines, com units, plugs, passive distributors, terminators
  • Housings, installation aids, card holders
  • RFIDControl software for inductive and microwave-based systems: You can log all interface communication and input all significant configuration commands via one command window. The connected IDENT system is automatically recognized.