Wireless switchgear with safety function Schmersal

With this system, for example, safety-oriented and operational signals of control devices, as are typically to be found in mobile control housings, can be transmitted without the need of wires. The system is especially qualified under factory environment conditions, as it is precisely here that all HF-critical disturbing influences, such as attenuation, reflections, absorption, diffusion, deflections, refraction and interference have such a particularly strong impact on a system of this nature.

Design and mode of operation:
ESALAN wireless system consists of a mobile control housing with integrated transmission electronics including storage batteries and dual band transmitting antenna fitted with EMERGENCY STOP control device, optionally with a 3-step enabling switch or another control device with an effect comparable to EMERGENCY STOP as well as up to four other control devices for movement signals, and a battery charger.

Furthermore there is a programmable analysis and control device including receiving electronics and two antenna sockets, with six safety-oriented semiconductor outputs three signalling outputs, and in addition to the radio-based inputs, four additional safety –oriented inputs, as well as receiving antennas, aerial cables and corresponding commissioning and programming software.