Safety control modules for specific applications Schmersal

These monitoring modules have been developed for special applications. Areas of application range from the monitoring of tactile and optoelectronic safety equipment to that of twin valves on press control systems. The various areas of application for which the individual safety monitoring modules are designed are listed below.

AZR 31 R2
Monitoring two-hand control panels to EN 574 III C and safety mats to EN 1760-1
AZR 31 T2
Monitoring safety mats to EN 1760-1
AZR 20 P2
Monitoring twin valves on press control system for synchronous operation
ASL 2103
Monitoring SL range safety edges
SE-100C, SE-304C and SE-400C
Monitoring safety edges range SE 40 / SE 70
SLB 200-C and SLB 400-C
Safety monitoring modules to monitor safety light barriers
SCR 1R and SCR 402R-301
Safety monitoring modules for semi-conductor relay outputs from safety light grids/curtains and safety laser scanners
SCM 3R and SCM 3RQ
Safety monitoring modules for optical safety systems with muting function

Design and mode of operation:
The AZR and ASL range of safety monitoring modules are designed with redunant internal circuits. They are equipped with two safety relay contacts with monitored positive-guided contacts. The enabling path comprises the contact wired in series.
All of the safety monitoring modules listed here have a feedback circuits to monitor eyternal contactors and are mounted with light-emitting diodes to indicate the operating conditions.

All modules are arranged for simple mounting on standard DIN rails.