Floor and fine adjustment switches Schmersal

Floor and fine adjustment switches can be used to achieve an accurate positioning of the car in the lift shaft. Considering the use of new technologies (e.g. USP, position and magnetic switches) for lift positioning, the floor and fine adjustment switches today are almost exclusively utilised as spare part.

The floor and fine adjustment switches meet the requirements of the standards for the operation of lifts. All switches have extraordinary robust metal enclosures and levers, which are suitable for any form of operational demand, even under rough conditions. The two-component levers can be accurately adjusted towards the setting cams on two levels. The levers are parallel adjustable to the mounting level; the rubber roller is adjustable perpendicular to it. In their basic version, all switches are encapsulated with an IP 40 protection class. They are also available with an IP 54 protection class. The standard version of the covers are in transparent thermoplastic. The contact system is in accordance with the regulations of VDE 0660. It is designed for a mechanical life of 10 million operations. As floor and fine adjustment switches have to cover an extensive range of applications, there are two types of floor switches and one fine adjustment switch. The floor switches are fitted to the shaft wall and the corresponding setting cam is fixed to the lift car. For the upwards and downwards actuation, individual setting cams are required. Every cam switches the opposite contact; the NC contacts are wired in series. The AFH 122 fine adjustment switch is fitted to the lift car; the setting cam to the shaft wall.