Command and signalling devices Schmersal

Field of application:
The command and signaling devices of the Ex-R series are particularly suitable for applications in explosive environments and meet the requirements of the zones 1, 2, 21 & 22. The devices are furthermore suitable for use under rough ambient conditions as well as for operation with gloves because of their large actuating surfaces.

Design and operating principle:
A command and signaling device consists of a device head with mounting flange or illuminated element. The command devices are made of massive brass, the spherical cap of the indicator light or illuminated button of shock-resistant plastic.
The mounting flange has two parts. The mounting of the device heads therefore can be realised independently of the mounting and wiring of the contact and illuminated elements. For each device head, 2 contact elements and 1 illuminated element can be mounted at the most. The mounting flange is designed so that both an incorrect fitting and the de-energisation of the contact and illuminated elements under high mechanical loads is effectively avoided.