Door-handle actuator Schmersal

Everything on one handle. Less is more - that is the principle according to which Schmersal has designed the safety door handle series TG. The operator does not have to press a button on an external switching plate when the solenoid interlock at a safety guard needs to be unlocked. The switching function is now exactly where it is needed: On the safety door handle which is used to open the safety guard.

All versions of the TG series have the same design principle: The push button to unlock the solenoid interlock has been integrated in the robust and well-shaped door handle. The button is at the front of the handle; two LEDs indicate if the safety guard is locked or authorised operation is given. When the green LED lights up, the operator presses the unlocking button with his thumb and can open the safety guard with the same hand.

This does not only save mounting and installation effort but also optimises the ergonomy. Because the operator has got everything on one handle. Even the Emergency Stop button: It can optionally be integrated in the safety door handle.

With these advantages the new safety door handles are suitable for many different applications. Everywhere where solenoid interlocks are used, the TG series guarantees for an optimum combination of ergonomy, productivity and safety.

Design and mode of operation:
Two LEDs on above the enabling push button indicate, if the safety guard is locked or authorised operation is given. A start button with integrated LED can optionally be fitted in the top part of the handle or – as shown – on top of the enabling button. On the versions without an Emergency Stop button the start button can be mounted on top of the safety door handle. With the optional Emergency Stop button the operator can stop the complete machine in a hazardous condition.

The different versions of the safety door handle are available with different switching functions. The enabling button transmits a signal to the solenoid to enable the solenoid interlock. Depending on the switching concept the user can choose between one NO, one change-over or one galvanically separated NC/NO contact. The operating function of the solenoid interlock is indicated by one green and one red LED (other colours on request). The Emergency Stop button is optionally available with one or two positive break NC contacts. The Emergency Stop button conforms to the requirements of the EN ISO 13850; it is unlocked by turning.

The safety door handle is made of robust and grip-friendly thermoplastic suitable for industrial applications. Because of the high protection class (IP 65) the safety door handle can also be used in rough environments. To realise fast mounting and exchange all safety door handles are equipped with one 8- or 12-pole plug-in connector. The 8-pole connector is delivered with a 5 m cable. The 12-pole connector is equipped with a screw connection to connect the wires.