Upgrades for SIMATIC Route Control Siemens


SIMATIC Route Control Upgrade Package

With SIMATIC Route Control Upgrade Packages you can upgrade Route Control Engineering, Route Control Server and Route Control Center from V7.x or V8.0 to V8.1. The number of existing "Routes" (quantity option for number of simultaneous material transports) is retained when upgrading.

SIMATIC Route Control V7.0 and SIMATIC Route Control V7.1 are identical in their functions. When upgrading from V7.0/V7.1 to V8.1 it is first necessary to upgrade to V8.0 and subsequently to V8.1. When upgrading to V8.0, the "Routes" are converted into cumulative "Count Relevant Licenses".

SIMATIC Route Control Center Upgrades which are only available online allow separate upgrading of the Route Control Center software from V7.0 or V7.1 to V8.0 and V8.0 to V8.1.