Tecsis. Analogue Amplifiers: Limit frequency up to 32 kHz - EZE14

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  • Strain gauge amplifiers are used to transform the mV/V output-signals of strain gauges in amplified signals with a higher fault resistance. By the use of an amplifier it is also possible to connect sensors to displays and controlling units with the need for an amplified signal. The model EZE14 series are designed for nearly static applications for example weighing. The user friendly product comes with big screw type terminals for top hat rail mounting and status-LED-display. The parallel output of 0...10 Volt and 0(4)...20 mA allow to process the signal simultaneous and direct in the PLC.


    • Strain gauge amplifier for mounting on top hat rails
    • Parallel outputsignal 0/4...20mA and 0...10V (3-Wire)
    • Accuracy 0,01% of full scale
    • Limit frequency up to 32 kHz for static applications
    • Up to 4 strain gauges with 350 ohm parallel connectable
    • AC Bridgesupply 2,5V, 450 Hz
    • Supports 6-wire systems
    • Needed power supply 12-24 VDC
    • Integrated cable break controll with defined condition
    • User friendly because of big screw type terminals and status LED display
    • Micro-switch to adjust zero point, span and filter
    • Protection Class IP 40


    In combination with force transducers or load cells the amplifier EZE14 can be used for force measuring or industrial weighing. It is possible to connect all kind of strain gauges to the amplifier (up to 4 sensors with a resistance of 350 ohm parallel connectable) with an output signal up to 3,5 mV/V. The internal sensor supply is 2,5V AC 450 Hz. Usually the amplifier is not pre-adjusted and the customer connects it to the force transducer and also adjusts it. The analogue output with 0/4...20mA and 0...10 V in 3-wire design can be used parallel. Because of the needed supply energy of 12 to 24 Volt DC for the amplifier, it is possible to connect it directly to PLC. Those normaly come with matching analogue inputs which offer a supply energy of 24 V. A micro switch and a potentiometer allow to adjust zero point, span and filtering. Interfering signals can be damped by a low-pass filter. The amplifier acts in a defined way in the case of cable break. The analogue output is 20 mA max. 

  • Техническая спецификацияae995.pdf
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Как производитель датчиков и измерительных приборов компания присутствует на рынке уже несколько десятилетий. К 1997г. она вышла на мировой рынок под эгидой бренда VDO, но уже в 2001 отделилась под собственным именем Tecsis.

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